A Wedding Consultant Is No Longer A Luxury. It's A Necessity.
              See How Wonderful That Special Day Really Can Be.


  •   Have you ever been called a bridezilla or have you known someone who was? Well skip all the stress by hiring a wedding consultant. Mark Williams is a wedding consultant that will help with all your wedding needs. For more information go to:

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  •   The time has come to start thinking about the wedding. Cue the stress, frustration and hair pulling. Here you are, planning the wedding that you have always wanted, but not ever sure where to start. Of course, you get plenty of help from every friend that you have and you get bombarded with texts and Facebook messages that everyone has an opinion for that special day. Although it is flattering, its just not practical. But what do you do? Is a wedding planner even something that I could have in my budget? Thankfully, YES!

    Here at Mark Williams Consulting, we make it easy. A wedding should be something special and unique. But most of all it should be all about YOU! Leave it to our staff to make sure that you can enjoy your day and not be worried about everyone else.

    We pride ourselves in the attention to detail. We want to treat our clients with the highest regard and help create some of the best moments of their lives. A wedding to me should be unique and personable. It should be breathtaking and elegant and most of all affordable. The number one thing that I hear from my clients is, “I didn’t have to worry about a thing, Mark took care of everything. He just did it and it was just what I wanted.”

    They may seem like small compliments, however they are full of meaning. I want to help you create your perfect day.

    Feel free to contact me directly and talk about your special day.

    -Mark Williams

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